Our Principles

Families are the building blocks of a healthy society. The government’s job is to support and encourage stable family life, for the sake of children, adults and wider society. Parents have a special responsibility for and relationship with their children. Family life is a private realm into which the state should intrude only where individual circumstances clearly make it necessary. Marriage is an important factor in relationship stability and should be promoted.

Men and women tend to have different priorities and interests. This diversity is positive and creative, not a problem to eliminate. We do not want to squeeze the sexes into uniformity, but to support men and women as they fulfill their own vision for their lives.

Schools should focus on academic rigour and orderly discipline, with more vocational training where appropriate. Schools are not for social engineering and indoctrination into the philosophy favoured by the government.

Except in times of crisis, Government borrowing is unwise. The deficit should be eliminated. Political parties should offer balanced plans to tax and spend, instead of assuming the consent of future generations to pay our bills for us.

Community cohesion is crucial. We do not want a society fragmented into special interest groups, but a united nation seeking the common good. Identity politics, fuelled by active grievance seeking and victimhood, ultimately benefits no-one. Everyone making Scotland their home should be welcomed to integrate fully into Scottish society. A sense of solidarity and unity is vital to maintaining a compassionate and supportive society.

Freedom of speech and conscience are to be defended. No one has the right not to be offended. Democracy can only function if all peaceful views can be aired in open public debate. A state that forces people to act against their conscience sets a dangerous precedent.

Human life is precious, from before birth, and throughout life. Except in extreme circumstances, we oppose abortion. The state should not help people kill themselves, or kill people at their request.