Filling the Void in Scottish Politics

Do the political parties say what you think?

The Holyrood parties, from the Greens to the Conservatives, argue about independence, Brexit and finance, but they unite to endorse the dramatic cultural changes that are damaging our society.

It doesn’t matter which Holyrood Party you vote for……

Kids are taught that they can choose whether to be a boy or a girl, while a flawed philosophy of education leads to a breakdown of discipline and, inevitably, declining academic standards.  The state increasingly sees itself as the guardian of children, ensuring that parents are adhering to their narrow philosophy of child-rearing.

Differences between men and women are regarded as problems to eliminate rather than expressions of diversity to celebrate.

The state claims it wants to help families, yet offers no help to couples where one parent wants to devote more of their time to their children.

Abortion continues unquestioned.

The government spends the earnings of our children and grandchildren through national debt.

The breakdown of family structure is not recognised as the source of countless problems.

The value of marriage in producing stable families is dismissed as archaic.

Freedom of speech is constantly being restricted, and democracy is therefore undermined.

Politics is about shaping our society for the benefit of everyone, and values are at the heart of the project. We will be the the voice for an alternative vision of Scottish society. There is a battle of worldviews raging in Europe today, with three central protagonists:

Politically correct progressivism

Political Islam

The Judeo-Christian-inspired values of traditional Western civilization

All of the parties in the Scottish Parliament endorse the first, deny the dangers of the second and don’t care about or actively seek to dismantle the third. We will oppose the first two, and tirelessly promote the third.

Have the mainstream parties learnt that they can ignore our opinions because we will keep voting for them as they trample our deepest principles? It’s time to stand up for what we believe in.

Scottish Family Party MSPs would challenge the cosy consensus in Holyrood, and rigorous argument would replace the monochrome virtue signalling that currently passes for political debate on many key issues.

The Scottish Family Party will stand strongly against the tide of politically correct progressivism that is eroding the foundations of our society.