About us

We are a new political party in Scotland. We will campaign on a range of issues, but our central goal is to gain election into the Scottish Parliament through the regional list system.

We currently have no paid staff and no celebrity endorsements. What we do have is passion, drive and a determination to bring about a shift in Scottish political debate.

Our arguments are strong and we are confident our policies will appeal widely. We’re also aware that some will oppose our ideas strongly, but we’ll keep putting forward our case clearly and respectfully. We are a pary of reason, tolerance and compassion, bearing no ill-will to any group or individual.

Browse this website to get a flavour of our policies and philosophy.  The “Get Involved” button above explains about membership and other ways to get to know us.

Party Leader: Richard Lucas, Deputy Leader: Phil Holden  

Chairman: Michael Willis, Deputy Chairman: Don Marshall

Treasurer: Alan Brown, Secretary: Dave Bestwick



Our Leadership Team

The Scottish Family Party is governed by its Senior Council but the day to day operations are co-ordinated by its Senior Leadership Team


Richard LucaS


Richard is the founder of the party, a fomer school teacher with an academic background. It was his vision to change the status quo in Scottish Politics that led to the party formation. 

Michael Willis

PARTY chairman

Michael has spent most of his career in business but has been a committed pro-lifer and has previously helped organise election campaigns and stood as a candidate..

Phil Holden


While Phil can think of things he would much rather be doing than entering into politics, he knows that if the debate for freedom itself is lost, every debate and democracy is lost with it. Phil has many years experience working in large companies and is a committed Christian.

Don Marshall

Dep Chairman

Don is a business leader and coach with many years experience at leading teams. He is a Christian and family man who is passionate about making a difference in Scottish Politics and adding a real voice to the Parliamentary debate.