Public Finance

Public Finance

Our budget deficit and national debt amount to spending the taxes to be paid by future generations. Massive government borrowing should be the last resort in times of national crisis, not a routine way of insulating the electorate from the consequences of their elected government’s profligacy. Families members often make passing on resources to the next generations a priority: a noble expression of solidarity and selflessness. But our governments do the opposite. The SNP’s immediate maximising of their new borrowing power starts Scotland on the path to even greater indebtedness than that created by Labour and the Conservatives at a UK level. As a matter of integrity, we should not be burdening future generations financially without their consent.

The temptation to finance impressive new facilities, such as schools and hospitals, in ways that increase the total cost and inflict a burden on future public finances should be resisted.

As foreign aid is a matter reserved for the UK Government, we question the wisdom of the Scottish Government also giving aid – especially while itself borrowing. In particular, the decision to send Scottish taxpayers’ money to nuclear-armed Pakistan, with its dubious human rights record, is perplexing

The Scottish Government pours money, directly and indirectly, into a vast array of organisations and charities. Many of these serve to reinforce the Government’s messages, creating an illusion of broad support.

We remain to be convinced that taxpayers’ money should be given to Young Scot, Children and Young People’s Commissioner, Equality Network, Transgender Scotland, Ash, Creative Scotland, Scottish Human Rights Commission, Equality and Human Rights Commission (Scotland), Amnesty International (Scotland), White Ribbon, Engender, Crew, Alcohol Focus Scotland, Stonewall, Friends of the Earth, National Parents Forum of Scotland, LGBT Health & Wellbeing (promoting events from basketball to belly dancing), Obesity Action Scotland, Interfaith Scotland, One Scotland, Score Scotland, Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights, Culture Republic, Scottish Alliance of Regional Equality Council, CEMO (Strengthening Communities, Tackling Inequalities), BEMIS (Empowering Scotland’s Ethnic and Cultural Minority Communities), Steve Retson Project, Children in Scotland, Amina (Muslim Women’s Resource Centre), Fast Forward, Starcatchers,Together (Scottish Alliance for Children’s Rights) . Do we need both Cycling Scotland and Sustrans?

Economic migrants currently fill many entry level jobs. Meanwhile, the state pays benefits to people who cannot find work. These job seekers need to be brought into employment, for the benefit of themselves, their dependents and the taxpayer. They must be helped develop the skills and attitudes necessary to successfully perform such roles, and, if necessary, competition from economic migrants should be eased.