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Values Education

Virtues such as courage, integrity, faithfulness, loyalty, gratitude, politeness, prudence, temperance, generosity, compassion, humility and tolerance should be at the heart of character formation in schools. 

Instead, most Scottish schools tirelessly promote a liberal/progressive/leftist agenda, taking every opportunity to present this perspective on issues such as climate change, sexism and feminism, race, inequality, gender, sexuality and the like.  The extent of this promotion of particular perspectives amounts to indoctrination.  Once children’s views have been moulded, a charade of “listening to children” then enables the adults to claim that they are merely following the direction of the children.

If a ‘one size fits all’ education system is prescribed, then it needs to include diverse perspectives and engender open debate on controversial topics.  Currently, a uniform philosophy is presented, to the exclusion of all others.    

The so-called “harm reduction” approach to drugs education is counterproductive. Young people should not see decisions regarding using illegal drugs as mere personal risk assessment. The impact on family, employers, neighbours and state-funded services take such decisions out of the realm of personal preference and firmly into the arena of moral responsibility. Conspiratorial “we’re here to help you stay safe when using drugs” style presentations should be banished from schools. Parental concern and the wellbeing of wider society should take precedence over the irresponsible, amoral liberalism that currently underpins drugs education.

As well as information about alcohol, pupils should hear the case that drunkenness is inherently irresponsible and should not be socially acceptable, and the case for teetotalism.  Having heard these points of view, they will be better able to form their own opinion.

The “harm reduction” approach to sex education is also harmful. Evidence-based sex and relationships education that includes the presentation of moral perspectives should be implemented instead.   Young people need to be aware of the statistical correlations between multiple sexual partners, types of relationship, physical health, mental health, relational stability, marriage, cohabitation, various sexual practices, sex at a young age, sexual promiscuity and sexually transmitted diseases.  Armed with the full range of relevant facts, young people will be better equipped to make decisions. 

The Scottish Government’s official sex education resources are grossly indecent, positively promoting pornography and masturbation, presenting as valid some disturbing and dangerous sexual practices, and endorsing illegal under-age sex.  The tone is often trivialising and the content is too explicit at younger ages.  We would require schools to publish all relationship, sexual health and parenthood resources used, so that parents could see for themselves what is being taught and, if they wish, withdraw their children from these classes (which would remain a right in law).

The moral arguments and emotional consequences relating to abortion should be discussed, instead of the current presentation of abortion as the obvious solution to unwanted pregnancy.

Natural family planning techniques should be discussed alongside other contraception methods in sex education.

We oppose the LGBT Inclusive Education programme that mandates the indoctrination of schoolchildren into a radical ideology of sexuality.  Civility and tolerance should be shown to all, and bullying in school and criminal activity targeting LGBT people should be dealt with vigorously.  However, promoting a certain philosophy of sex and relationships and denying alternative views is not necessary to combat bullying.  

The insertion of LGBT content across the entire curriculum is intended to deprive parents of the option of withdrawing their child from it. 

The drive to normalise and endorse any and every sexual relationship and family form begins from the nursery and continues unabated.  For example, we disagree with the message that procreation just requires a sperm, egg and uterus, with no regard to the source of each element.  We believe instead in the ideal of a mother and father having and rearing their own children.

Pupils are inducted into LGBT activism from primary school, as familiar campaigning symbols and slogans are presented in lessons.   

The philosophy of gender fluidity is dangerous to young people, leading to confusion and unhelpful experimentation.  Parents should have a strong voice in determining how these issues are approached in schools.  Indoctrination into the fashionable philosophy of gender is not appropriate and will lead more children down a difficult road that could seriously undermine their wellbeing for the rest of their lives. 

The dangers of indebtedness should be elucidated clearly to school pupils. The assumption that personal consumer debt is routine and unavoidable should be challenged and the moral implications of lending and borrowing discussed.

On all these issues, young people should be made aware of arguments from different perspectives. 

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