Many Muslims in Scotland and the UK are model citizens, contributing broadly and embracing shared fundamental freedoms and principles.

Political Islam is a dynamic factor on the world political stage and, though the religious tenets of Islam are of no political concern, the moral and political systems are. Muslim-majority countries tend towards draconian laws, persecution of minorities, and suppression of freedom of religion and expression, and violence towards non-Muslims is common. These practices seem to find their source in the teaching of the Quran and the moral example of Muhammad. We must ensure that our nation does not head in this direction in the longer term.

We must reject all proposals to integrate elements of Sharia law into the UK and Scottish legal system.

Freedom of religion and expression must be upheld: no one has the right not to be offended.

Frank public debate about all aspects of Islam should not be curtailed by political correctness and fear of prosecution.

Funding of Islamic activity here by states that persecute non-Muslims in their own land should be stopped. Saudi-funded Edinburgh Central Mosque, for example, stands as a monument to double standards.

Those supporting or encouraging terrorism should be prosecuted vigorously.

Surveys show that views incompatible with an open democratic society are widespread among British Muslims, with some second generation immigrants being more radical than their parents. Integration and assimilation are not progressing as well as we would like. There is, therefore, good reason to keep immigration of Muslims to a very low level, particularly those from countries where extremism is rife.

Muslim schools must be monitored closely.

Our nation is founded on values and principles that have made it prosperous and free. It is our responsibility to pass on these benefits for our children and grandchildren.