Ideally, children should be brought up by a mum and a dad, providing a male and female role model and complementary qualities.

 The SFP does not support the use of NHS resources for any fertility-related treatment apart from for a man and woman in a long-term stable relationship.  There must be an intention of a child being brought up by a mother and father.

We disagree with government funded Stonewall’s “co-parenting” advice (available through the NHS website).  For example, it suggests children be conceived by adults, each of whom is already in a sexual relationship with another person, or by two single people.  Adults should not choose to bring children into arrangements without a single stable home.

Preference should be given to married couples, husband and wife, in fostering and adoption decisions.  Good parents should not be turned away from fostering or adoption because assessors disagree with their political, moral or religious beliefs.

A family home is the best context for a child, but when this is not possible, placing children in boarding schools instead of children’s homes could be cost-effective and beneficial for the children.  The schools could make arrangements for holiday periods as well.  This might only be feasible for small numbers of children without particularly complex needs but should still be explored.

We will oppose any further attempts by the state to redefine marriage, such as to include multi-partner or incestuous relationships.