Scotland and the UK should be prepared to welcome refugees. The alternative of helping displaced people nearer to their origin can be fairer and more positive for all concerned, and so should always also be considered.

As well as contributing economically, immigrants bring much to our culture, often including positive values of family, responsibility, education and industry that have been eroded somewhat in the UK. However, Immigration should be carefully controlled and illegal immigration minimised.

Immigration can have a negative effect on poor countries as they lose able and educated citizens. UK immigration policy should be formed in consultation with countries of origin.

Immigration works best when immigrants assimilate fully and diffuse geographically, otherwise social, economic and community relations problems can emerge, to no-one’s benefit. In the UK, there is evidence that the rate of immigration is outpacing the rate of assimilation in some areas, so the level of immigration into existing diaspora communities should be reduced where necessary.

The bigger the cultural gap, the more of a challenge integration will be; this factor should be considered when making decisions about immigration.

Free online English classes should be provided as learning English must be a priority.

Open discussion of these issues should be encouraged, not stifled by political correctness.