Support families

Helping parents, promoting marriage

Our unique policies support parents and family life. Strong families are the foundation of a strong nation. Family breakdown is a factor in countless problems. It's inevitable that some relationships don't work out, but our policies would promote stable family life.

End trans ideology

Repeal the 2004 Gender Recognition Act

SNP, Labour, Conservative, Lib Dem, Green, Alba and Reform maintain the legal fiction that a man can become a woman. We would pull up trans ideology by the roots by repealing the 2004 Gender Recognition Act.

Free speech

No hate speech laws,
no “conversion therapy” ban

Many Scots are afraid to express perfectly reasonable opinions. We would restore genuine freedom of speech in law, professional life and online.

Be responsible

Strong defence,
sensible energy policy, sound finances

We face serious challenges. Sound bites won’t do. Tough decisions must be made. Safety, prosperity and energy security in the long term must be prioritised.

Promote Scotland

Attract investment,
protect our interests, grow our economy

Instead of imposing ever more restrictions and costs on businesses, we need to create a positive environment for wealth creation. We all benefit from a strong economy.

Protect all lives

We oppose abortion and assisted suicide

SNP, Labour, Conservative, Lib Dem, Green, Alba and Reform have one thing in common: they all endorse the killing of unborn children. None of them oppose assisted suicide. We are pro-life.

Unite society

End identity politics

Our nation is being divided between competing racial, religious, sex and sexuality identity groups: we would aim to bring unity and common purpose.

And much more ...

We oppose abortion and assisted suicide

Do explore our full policies and see how they would help create a prosperous and flourishing society for all, founded on timeless principles.

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