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As well as being a great source of joy, family life underpins our society. The state should not seek to supplant the fundamental role of the family.

Scottish council elections

Why should you vote for a SFP candidate in the local elections on 5th May?

We’ll give you four reasons.

  1. We focus on local people’s needs. Council services are vital and maintaining these services at the highest possible standards is a top priority. Bin collections should meet the needs of householders. City and town centres need to be clean, graffiti free and welcoming so that businesses can thrive and residents enjoy a pride in their environment, instead of the embarrassment that is increasingly common.

    As communities were struggling with lockdown measures, many Councils in Scotland took the opportunity to erect thousands of bollards that just inconvenienced, frustrated and, in some cases, injured people. This was a classic illustration of way that many councils are more concerned with following international trends than listening to those they are there to serve. We’re more concerned about what Mrs MacKay at number 29 needs, rather than what the latest United Nations document recommends.

    The days of COVID 19 as a universal excuse for poor or non- existent services must be over. You can probably think of features in your area that have fallen into disrepair and an inordinate length of time has passed with no remedy. We’ll challenge Council complacency that accepts delays measured in years for jobs that should be measured in weeks.

    An adequate housing stock is vital, so we’d encourage new homes on sites where they enhance and invigorate the locality, rather than despoil the environment.

    Parks, care for the elderly, libraries – the list goes on and on. Councils provide services of the greatest importance. That makes Councils acutely responsible for how they use their resources. We’d make council administrations slim and efficient to maximise funding for services. We would certainly oppose continuing funding of organisations that engage in campaigning on controversial political topics.

    With such a responsible approach, we’d hope to avoid Council Tax increases.

  2. We need good schools for our children.

    Every Council in Scotland has a real challenge with this goal because the Scottish Government has terrible education policies that are undermining the work of every school in Scotland.

    But, Councils have a lot of influence over education and they can take steps to improve local schools. Insisting on hard work, high academic standards and excellent behaviour is a good place to start, backing up Headteachers as they deal with difficult pupils.

    We’d reject the Government’s sex education lesson plans that endorse pornography, under-age sex and controversial sexual practices, replacing them with age-appropriate materials with a positive message about committed sexual relationships.

    We’d stop intrusive Government questionnaires into children’s private and family lives.

    We would refuse to implement the Government’s guidance that schools teach children that they can choose their own gender. Rejecting Government guidance again, we would not allow children to change gender at school without their parents’ involvement.

  3. Unlike the other parties, we don’t put the constitution at the centre of our politics. We believe that there are more important issues.

    We stand up for families, fighting unnecessary interference in family life and promoting stable relationships by encouraging marriage.

    The bigger parties are all pro-abortion. We are a pro-life party, defending the rights of the unborn and opposing assisted suicide legislation.

    In Scotland, many people are afraid to say what they really think. We want to restore genuine freedom of speech for those who think differently from the government.

    If these are causes close to your heart, you can show that by voting for an SFP candidate.

    Voting for the Scottish Family Party in local elections will also give us a boost for forthcoming Scottish and UK elections.

  4. The Council Election voting system is complicated but the important thing is this: You can make the Scottish Family Party candidate your first choice. If they don’t get as many votes as the other candidates then your vote usually just gets transferred to your second choice instead. So, the simple message is to forget tactical voting and just to vote for what you believe in.

    If you want a Council focussed on the needs of local people, a Council this is efficient and focussed, a council that will seek to make schools places of hard work, good behaviour and timeless values, we’d ask you to make the SFP candidate your first choice on the 5 May.


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