Scottish Family Party
A New Choice in Scotland
A New Voice in Politics
The family is the natural and fundamental group unit of society and is entitled to protection by society and the State - UN Declaration of Human Rights
Supporting Family Life
As well as being a great source of joy, family life underpins our society.   In the family, care and love are embodied, and resources are shared freely.  The state should not seek to supplant the fundamental role of the family...
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Filling the Void in Scottish Politics
Do the political parties say what you think? The Holyrood parties, from the Greens to the Conservatives, argue about independence, Brexit and finance, but they unite to endorse the dramatic cultural changes that are damaging our society. It doesn’t matter...
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Our Principles
Families are the building blocks of a healthy society. The government’s job is to support and encourage stable family life, for the sake of children, adults and wider society. Parents have a special responsibility for and relationship with their children....
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About us

We are a new political party in Scotland. We will campaign on a range of issues, but our central goal is to gain election into the Scottish Parliament through the regional list system. We currently have no paid staff, no wealthy backers, and no celebrity endorsements. What we do have is passion, drive and a determination to bring about a shift in Scottish political debate. Our arguments are strong and we are confident our policies will appeal widely. We’re also aware that some will oppose our ideas strongly, but we’ll keep putting forward our case clearly and respectfully.

Browse this website to get a flavour of our policies and philosophy. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. The “Get Involved” button above explains about membership and other ways to get to know us.

The Party’s leader is Richard Lucas.  The Chairman is Neil Lyndon.  Jackie Isseri is the Treasurer and Gayle Maynard is the Secretary.