Get Involved

If you are as keen as us to see the void in Scottish politics filled, you’ll probably want to get involved in the Scottish Family Party.  The most important first step to getting involved is to become a member.  The more members we have, the more influence we can exert.

Membership is £4 a month, but we hope that many will choose to make a more substantial monthly donation.  Associate membership is available for those who are already members of other political parties.  In Scotland, you get two votes, so being a member of two parties is not unreasonable.  Associate membership is the same as standard membership except that associate members can’t hold offices in the SFP or stand for election as an SFP candidate.  Join here: 
Become a Member

or call 07434 521 015 to join over the phone if you prefer.

You could also get involved by going along to local branch meetings and other events that we stage, helping with campaigning, and maybe even standing for election.   We need strong candidates in each region in the next Scottish Parliamentary Election.  We are keen to appoint our candidates as soon as possible, so that they can campaign through the years until the election.

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