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The Scottish Family Party is breaking the silence. We know there are many that agree with us. For example we commissioned ComRes to do a poll about the government's school sex education material, as few as 28% of people thought the material was age appropriate. However no one in parliament objected and the media shows no interest. If you would like to make a difference, you need to break the silence with the people you know and the skills you have.

To make this easier The Scottish Family Party produces its own media. It helps you argue for the things you believe in, with the facts and figures to back you up. We place it on social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. One way you can help us is by:

  • liking
  • subscribing
  • commenting
  • retweeting

However increasingly these platforms are diverting traffic away from socially conservative content. So it is important to share links to videos via email, Whats App, Telegram etc. or by personally showing content to people you know and not just rely on liking.

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Many who express traditional family values are being banned from social media platforms. We do not know if and when this will happen to us. If you support us please sign up to our newsletter. In the event we get deplatformed we want to be able to let you know where to find us.

We may organise door to door canvassing, conventions, protests, petitions or social events and we would like to let you know when these are happening.

Join up

Membership is £4 a month. In this campaign each £4 put a leaflet through over 500 doors. For some this is a stretch. We hope that many will choose to make a more substantial monthly donation. Before this campaign began just under 10% of people in Scotland had heard of us. Our supporters gave us enough to put a leaflet through every door in Scotland. Further money we receive before the election will go on social media advertising. If you would like to put you money where your mouth is:

Associate membership is available for those who are already members of other political parties. In Scotland, you get two votes, so being a member of two parties is not unreasonable. Associate membership is the same as standard membership except that associate members can’t hold offices in the SFP or stand for election as an SFP candidate.

You can also become a non-member regular donor or make a one-off donation.

You could also get involved by going along to local branch meetings and other events that we stage, helping with campaigning, and maybe even standing for election (we will support you with adequate training).

Drop us an email: contact@scottishfamily.org

Write to us:
Scottish Family Party
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