We value Families as the building blocks of a strong nation

Our central focus of strengthening family life could help solve many problems in Scotland, from drug abuse to youth mental health, from crime to population decline. Instead of interfering in family life, we want to support families to make their own decisions and meet their individual needs.

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We demand High Standards in schools

We would bring back academic rigour, scrapping the vague and woolly Curriculum for Excellence. We would empower teachers and schools to maintain good discipline. We would eliminate the current blatant indoctrination of pupils into a left/liberal/progressive/secular ideology.

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We protect Children from vulgar and corrupting sex education

The messages are dangerous, the tone trivialising, and the images graphic. If you haven’t seen them for yourself, you probably won’t believe just how appalling the government’s lesson resources are.

The excerpts in these videos are from the government's relationships, sexual health and parenthood (RSHP) lesson plans for schools. Press play then scroll the film to see all the videos:

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We support parents

Bringing new life into the world and then caring for and nurturing children as they grow into adulthood is one of life’s noblest endeavours. It is of immeasurable value to society and this huge contribution should be recognised by the state. Our culture should also honour and celebrate parenthood as a high calling, instead of glorifying career and diminishing the value of home life. We argue for fair tax allowances and benefits for families with a full-time parent.

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We protect free speech, opposing all hate speech legislation

Open debate is the lifeblood of a healthy democracy. Far too many people in Scotland are frightened to express their perfectly reasonable views, fearing legal, professional or reputational consequences.

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We promote marriage

Stable family life benefits everyone. Other parties focus instead on “picking up the pieces” by supporting those adversely affected by family dysfunction, particularly children. This is laudable, but the harms are often irremediable. Only the Scottish Family Party seeks to get to the heart of the matter and reduce family breakdown by promoting marriage.

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We respect life, opposing both abortion on demand and assisted suicide

These are moral issues of the utmost gravity, so they deserve their central place in our policies and priorities. We seek to bring the pro-life case into the heart of national debate.

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We oppose transgender ideology, especially the confusing of children

Currently children and young people are being harmed by the message that choosing a new gender identity is normal, natural and healthy. While we sympathise with those experiencing gender confusion, we do not believe that legal gender change should be possible.

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